Monday, August 25, 2008

Working more than usual. :( It's against my philosophy of life. One more day in Galway, then away to Switzerland, as stated. I'm dying to go. We're landing in Zurich, which is a cit I've only seen once and briefly. It'll be good to investigate it more and in depth.

Work is such a barrier to art and generally enjoying life. It is definately for suckers. Suckers like me. Boi.

The main barrier to sleep in galway this week is one of the Irish Navy boats, which seems to have a "run the generators really loudly" policy at night, while keeping their floodlights on really brightly. The non-galway specific threat to sleep is The Wire season 2. When it's critically noted to be "Shakespearean", they're not lying. I'm sad that I missed it when it was current and being broadcast. The internet version is doing me just fine though.
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