Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fringe is no X-Files. Or perhaps, as Mykul says, we're just too old to be impressed by that kind of conspiracy-driven, breathless, over the top, "fringe technology", exploratory style drama. And it's way more slick than the X-Files ever was. Or maybe again, it's a lot cheaper to make slick TV shows in this day and age. So, is Fringe sub-par or am I getting old and cynical?

It's hard to say.

4 days of work in a row. donalfall is tired. What I can say is that right now, with my brain in no condition to consider seious topics, Fringe is quite entertaining, even if it's not changing my life. Great TV can change your life, or at least how you perceive the narratives of your life, and inform you of how different people live their lives. The Wire changed how I see Police Detectives. Band of Brothers changed how I perceive how War is conducted. That kind of thing. I notice those are both HBO shows. That probably isn't indicitive of anything in particular.
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