Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Put up some more sketches in the sketchblog. I had an insane July which didn't help my preparations for september - need to get my portfolio added up and well presented if I want to show my face at the workshop in Berlin. I'm somewhat back in gear now.

My new laptop solves some day to day problems such as computer use and access, not to mention portability - the 10" is portable in a way that nothing bar an mp3 player can compare to. But it causes some too on a professional level - the widescreen format is woefully distorting to 2d pictures. You don't notice it at all on movies for some reason - TV's influence, I guess - but throw a familiar 2d pic onto the screen and it really messes with it. Back to playing with the screen settings til I can figure this out, or else I'll have to plan getting a desktop for work purposes, and soon.
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