Thursday, September 10, 2009

So, that Derren Brown "The Events" stunt was pretty good, eh? I'm not going to speculate til we see the story on friday, but I was impressed. That was just great television. It was just perfect, a neat little 10 minute package that made you sit back and go "woah".

Also, I remembered I have a myspace account. I don't really know what good that does me. Myspace has become chaotic over the years. Shinier, but most of the shiny stuff seems to be bouncing around the place.

I have a massive rant planned about talk radio and my experiences on tuesday, but the longer that goes by the more dusty and dry it seems. I must try to recreate the feeling tomorrow on the bus.

By which I mean to say that I'm off to Kerry on a bus tomorrow. I have a wedding to DJ at. Always fun, for a given value of fun. ;)
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