Saturday, October 03, 2009

That's it for the Lisbon Treaty for Ireland at least. All eyes to the Czech Courts then for the next while. I meant to do a "why I'm going to vote yes" post but it just seemed too pointless. There was nothing to get emotive about in the Lisbon Treaty. It's not an important change to how things are done. Will we notice anything different?

Now there was plenty to get emotive about in the campaigning. Plenty of "True Believers" wandering the streets, putting up ludicrous posters, saying ludicrous things. Quite a bit of dissonant Yes campaigning as well, but it's not hard for a normal jury of peers to see the difference between some PR-based fudging and wild eyed craziness.

It's that weird collection of people that form the opposition to common sense arguments - or in the case of Lisbon, opposition to the "who cares?" argument - that pushed me out of the cultural sectors I used to inhabit and into wherever the hell I am now. The Daily Show did a great piece in the last few days about the protestors at the most recent G20 summit - go see it at Comedy Central website (I think - not able to browse the internet properly atm) - just as PJ O'Rourke did in one of his books years ago.

And fair play to Tipperary North - 75% turnout is brilliant. That's engaging with Democracy. There was a passage in Landsberg's The Armchair Economist where he wondered why a rational person would ever bother to vote, as your indiviual vote is essentially meaningless but your time and effort are not, so why waste them? Maybe it's to ensure that the real average works out, that the opinion carried is actually the voice of the silent majority. The ballot box is their voice, and it's rational to try and be heard.

The Amazing Meeting (TAM) is on in London right now. Simon Singh got a standing ovation for his talk on his libel case and points pertaining to it. I wish I had been there.

Oh, and I joined Atheist Nexus, which I've been meaning to do for quite a time. If anyone's on the site add me as a friend. Social Networking for Atheists seems like a good time to me.

And there are many people in this little country who hold and express ridiculous opinions, but there are few that can hold a candle to Joe O'Higgins of the Socialist Workers Party. I'm sure he's very genuine but he just sounds like a broken record. From the 1970's. Made in the USSR.
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