Monday, October 11, 2010

Okay, I certainly meant to update with some links and reviews after my last post, but as usual, the discipline was lacking. In a related topic, though...

I went to the Irish 24 hour comics event over the weekend to try my hand at the idea. I was at a disadvantage from the start, however as I had yet again gone to see Crystal Castles in Belfast the night before. There was some hectic travelling done in the hours before the comic day, so my chances of making it through the whole lot were effectively zero.

Anyhow, I turned up at the Central Hotel Dublin for the event, organised (and mostly paid for) by Cliodhna Lyons. There was copies of the "October Anthology" comic she had been taking submissions for for the low price of 1 europe, and a donations box. Needless to say, I stuck a few quid in. The Anthology is really good, the breadth of submissions again speaking for how much there is going on in Irish Comics at the moment.

I plonked myself down at a table and got to it. I hadn't bothered to carry paper etc up to Dublin, so I had actually found Bristol Board in Easons. This is a big sea change for them - normally enquiries about Bristol Board are greeted with funny looks. Bristol Board, by the way, isn't magical or anything - it's just an extra smooth 250gsm card - but it does make erasing pencil marks super easy after you ink something, so there's that anyway.

The main bonus for the day - and *spoilers* I only made 10 hours before the bus home called out to me - was meeting people, including another Galwegian who had come specially for the event James Newell of You should check out his stuff, it's good. Also Barry Hughes and Carlos AƱazco are 2 links I have to hand right now.

Here's what I managed in my 10 hours. If you think 24 pages drawn & inked is 48 units of work, I managed 8 drawn & 4 inked = 12 units of work done, or a quarter of the job in 10/24 or nearly half the time gone, it made me realise that it's a fair task to get those pages out in the 24 hours. My collective hats are off to everyone who's ever managed it. There may or may not be a 24 hour event in Dublin next year, but I'll be trying again around the same time to see if I can do it then.


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