Sunday, December 30, 2012

POW! 30 DEC 2012

As some of ye may know, one of my many duties is organising the POW! Section over on (It stands for "Panels of the Week" cos it was started when weekly challenges were in vogue, but it soon became a monthly thing cos no-one has time to get an idea out in comic form in a week but POM! just doesn't work).

I've been neglecting that duty somewhat as well, and POW! has been quiet. :( Topics have still been going up monthly, polls are done in time, I just haven't had the cheerleading time to keep the spirit up. It'ld be super nice if people came over to the section to have a look around, maybe give people some encouragement to keep them motivated. Vote in our polls anyway. :) So along with everything else is another not-quite-new-years resolution - more CA time, more POW! time.

Here's some sample panels from my entry to the one that's about to wrap up, "Ghosts of the Past". Dunno if there's going to be many more entries than just mine, but people are busy at XMas.

Just cellphone photos, my scanner has no life left in it. Anyone want to recommend a cheap, reliable scanner I can look for for New Years?
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