Sunday, February 24, 2013

23 FEB 2013 - Dr. Sketchy's Dublin

So I went up to Dublin yesterday for a visit to our friends at Dr. Sketchy's Dublin. They were having one of their amazing life drawing/burlesque events - this time in the theme of "Roy Lichtenstein" as part of their "Dr. Sketchy's goes POP!" series.

Needless to say, I had an awesome time, but as always there are caveats (on me, not on them).

As an advance booker, I was allowed to sit in one of the forward seats - and I should have barged right to the front. I keep forgetting how blind I really am (I really am getting more mole-like). But I sat at about the third row, which was a great seat but not close enough for my vision. I can't recommend pre-booking enough.

Also, I am really out of practise on capturing life drawing in short timed poses - this is just a skill you have to keep in gear or it gets rusty. They were (as usual) giving out prizes of cupcakes and tequila for witty word balloons, use of colour etc - but I'm a black and white artist - capturing these great poses quickly AND applying colour were beyond me. They were great poses though - I might work these up into finished pieces. :)

A great night was had by all - I was saying on Facebook that I might post my 20 minute sketch - or I might save it to work up to a more finished piece, I really like the concept behind it. I got to conspire with Scarlett a bit more on the idea of a Galway Session for Dr. Sketchy's and I met a Dublin Sketcher in the wild! We've been corresponding with their group on and off for quite a while now, it's good to put a face to the name(s).

More to come.


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sparklicous said...

Yes from time to time they allow me to run wild and undertake outside artistic endevours. :)