Saturday, September 14, 2013


So I took up Origami again... it's a weird thing, I haven't done anything with paper folding since 1998/99 - around the time I moved to Cork - and suddenly it just bubbled up again. The service company I work for is about to lose a contract at the facility I work in. Another company is going to take over and all of us, the service staff, are going to transfer to the new company. Was that follow-able?

Anyway, myself and my immediate supervisor were talking about when they do the TUPE interviews, these companies always ask you "What skills do you bring?" "What can you do?". I was getting some admin files ready for shredding, and I turned one into the basic crane, purely on muscle memory, and said "Well, I can do this".

It probably would have ended that evening with a couple of cranes and a half hearted frog (it wouldn't hop!!) but that several of my CA people replied immediately with pro-origami messaging and Andy asked "Yeah, but can you make an X-Wing"... (I don't think that's exactly what he said, but that's how I heard it. Check out Andy and Seamie's podcast, The Scoundrel's Spin - it's very entertaining).

I used to make a lot of Origami back in the day. It's not hard to follow the instructions, like baking or music or whatever, you just have to learn to do it right. So I looked up an X-Wing...

And since then I've been bitten by the bug. The paper I used for the X-Wing was too thick, but it's making mistakes like that in your experiments that remind you of the old lessons you learned, that make the old muscles flex. It's important to make some few mistakes at least, but think about those mistakes when you make them, figure out why they happened. I don't know where this will all end, but a few places at work will never be the same -

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