Friday, July 11, 2008

Again, posting at a ridiculous hour in the morning. And again, my computer caused me art problems today. It crashed during the creation of a photoshop file, and every version of the piece I had previously saved were corrupt. So it hadn't been working right all along. :(

Some of my friends gave me a collection towards a new computer for my birthday there, over a month ago. I should really get on with it or they'll feel let down. :| I want to make a print (digital print) that will only have 10 copies (or however many people contributed) just for them. And that was the piece that exploded earlier. Lousy computer.

Ah well, another day another crash I guess. I'll have to sort out my new machine by the end of this month. Money is a tricky thing to find. I've been looking under stones for weeks and have only found 10c so far. Once, when I was in Cork, unemployed and broke, myself and my housemate scoured nearby streets for cash and found enough for food. Ah, harsh times.

Was up in Eyre Square there for an open air showing of the Talking Heads "Stop making Sense" concert movie. David Byrne.... if I was to choose a musician to become, magically overnight, like, I'ld be him. Or possibly Mike Patton. I've been youtubing a lot for old FNM videos recently... great memories.

I'll try to bring the art tomorrow. This is starting to feel like college. ;)

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