Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I've been working out on paper what I think I should include in the portfolio when it's done. It's hard, again, to know if one should emphasise diversity of skill or focus on one particular aspect.

Portfolios around Ireland tend to be short. Small, that is. Most people say 20 - 25 really good pages. Portfolios elsewhere seem to be longer, like 40 - 50 really good pages. So at the moment, I'm aiming for 50 and I can cut and choose where I want to. Most of the stuff below is done, but I guess I'ld like to scan them all in and digitally print them again with a unifying border, motif or signature. Also, if I was lugging a portfolio around I wouldn't want to be carrying originals.

And I could have a pdf of stuff on cd to give to places to keep as well, which would be neat. I'ld like to do some of the short ateliers abroad in the next few years. There's one in London I'm looking at, could be a lot of fun & a great learning experience. I guess I'll have to keep working...

portfolio layout

5 - Sketches and Studies (collages of sketchwork. anatomy bits and pieces. probably scanned and printed)
5 - Life Drawings (finished ones. I have some 30 mins and 1hr ones)
5 - Master Copies (half drawn, half painted)
5 - Portraits (half drawn, half painted)
5 - Photography (half big prints and half collections printed out on one page)
5 - Creative Works(ink drawing, painting and large creative drawing)
5 - Perspective and Landscapes (perspective drawn, landscape painted)
5 - Documentation (like photos of the set projects I've worked on & notbatman, etc)
5 - Prints (traditional prints, mostly screenprints)
5 - Design Work (graphic design pages, past and present)
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