Sunday, January 06, 2013

05 JAN 2013

This is more like the right angle for the ship-to-ship picture I was talking about, but the scale is still wrong. The broken ship is a colony ship - it needs to seem COLOSSAL. The small ship is like a fighter, although for the purpose of the story it will have been retro-fitted with some stuff bolted on the back.


Giorgio Franzoni said...

Hey mate!
a little advice: if you want the ship in the background to look huge, try drawing just a small portion of it and part of the rock across the entire page, and don't be shy with details!
That should do it!

Good pieces anyway ;)

Cheerios from Italy,
Take care!!

donal fallon said...

Yeah, that's the way I'm going to have to go. Establishing shot of the Ship in the background with the other one being a pinprick beside it, then close in to a small portion with the ship at a regular resolution to show activity. :)

Cheers for the advice!