Friday, May 16, 2014

Five 5 star things on a Friday... 16 MAY 2014 edition

I knew there was something I had meant to be doing over the last few months. Always find myself likely to slip on these kind of commitments. ;)

*Two* podcasts (quelle suprise)

Put Your Hands Together

This show is so funny, I can't even. It was linked to in the recent Rolling Stone article about the "20 best comedy podcasts right now" (many of which I download regularly) and it deserves the slot and more. The hosts are fantastic, the guests are hilarious. Check it out.

Swap Meet Podcast

The best Irish podcast available right now, for my money. Someone once said that as much as content, rapport between hosts is key in podcasts, and these boys have both - they give each other a piece of pop culture to check out and review and get back together for the show to discuss it. It's a great format. Check out their recent Simpsons episode!



Flickr can probably claim to be the first social network, legitimately. But they never pushed into the mainstream like Instagram has managed to - being from before the smartphone era might be part of it. I really like the way Instagram works and they manage to make hashtags actually seem worthwhile!


Sometime since the last time I posted, Prophet Volume 3: Empire came out. I've never been a big anti-Liefield person, but I've never really cared for Superhero comics so if you had told me a couple of years ago that I would be *addicted* to what Brandon Graham would do to a Liefield Superhero comic canon, I probably would have laughed in your face (Even though I've always thought of Brandon Graham as *the business* - buy Walrus or check out King City).

Bad Machinery

I've been saying since forever that everyone who can access the Internet should be reading John Allison's work. If you can't obey that basic command by now, there is no hope for you. If you find, like me, that is webcomic entertains you and touches your heart, you should buy his book or his merch! And Lottie is the best, before that question comes up.

Who knows if or when this feature will return (although it will probably be on a Friday, if I was forced to give an estimate)! Follow me on Twitter or Instagram for more constant updates.
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